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 STYLE:Long brass bun pin in geometric hand-carved gold crescent design.Two sturdy wire forks are soldered to the ornate hair piece to keep the pin secure.Design is carved in wax then cast into solid brass.Raw, untreated brass metal gives the pin an eclectic, rustic feel.Designed, carved, and cast in Portland, Oregon, USA using locally sourced materials.Sweep half your hair back and secure with the pin for casual elegance or use it to top off a low bun for a more elevated look.Measures 6 inches from top to bottom. CARE:Keep water, hairspray, oils, lotions, and gels from coming in contact with your bun pin.Raw, untreated brass will develop a patina over time. To remove patina, gently polish your jewelry with a soft, dry polishing cloth.

Price: $69.00

Order After Midnight Bun Pin – Brass

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Date: 2020-08-18 00:19:14.610

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