Introducing Curves!'s Plus Size Collection


 STYLE:Textured gold-tone twisted choker necklace.Circular cuff-style choker design extends straight down the breastbone in a question mark-like design.Unique handcrafted woven look was inspired by the surface of trees.Smooth caps on each end of the open choker add a sleek touch.24K gold plated brass give the necklace a glamorous, shiny finish.Minimalistic design makes the choker easy to pair with almost any outfit.The unique necklace measures 7 inches long and 4.7 inches wide. CARE:Keep water, oils, creams, sprays, and makeup from coming in contact with your necklace.Gently wipe clean with a soft cloth after wearing. Store gold and silver jewelry separately to avoid chemical reactions that can tarnish the metals.


Price: $119.00

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