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WANT TO BE CONFIDENT? IN A BIKINI TOO? LIKE FASHION NOVA? THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU! This is a “how to be confident in a bikini fashion nova curve haul” that includes honest confidence tips, and reviews of bikinis, and clips of me modeling bikinis. These are things if I was exposed to when I was younger, it would’ve made my process so much easier of becoming confident. I hope this helps change your life or the life of someone you care about!


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2:45 1st Bikini Modeling (RED)

3:31 1st confidence tip (surround yourself with positive people)

4:09 how environment affects epigenetics

5:53 qualities in positive people

6:02 red flags in people who tear down confidence

6:11 everyone is equally beautiful in their own way, beauty is subjective

6:24 & 8:03 (dance classes) my story on how I became confident/what you can try (part 1)

7:14-7:55 how to know if your friends are healthy for you/red flags

8:03 how dance classes/friends/positive dance environment helped me be confident

9:43 I did it, you can too

10:12 take baby steps, be patient, put in the hard work, and be kind to yourself

10:48-12:40 quote on how friendships help shape who you are (epigenetics, brain chemistry)

11:58 increase your time spent with positive people, decrease your time spent with negative people (cut out negative people if you can)

12:57 review of Fashion Nova (Curve) bikini 1
bikini: L, red, “what a beach tiny bikini set”

14:32 review of FNC cover pant #1
cover up pant: medium, red, “sunshine see-through cover up pant”

17: 13- 2nd Modeling

18:07 – confidence tip #2 (self-esteem)

18:20 – defining self-esteem

what true self-esteem is NOT based on how “good looking” or “useful” you are, you are so much more than your usefulness and your body: 18:54

19:08 – 25:31: what true self-esteem IS based on (you are worthy because you are worthy, you don’t need a reason), how to recognize your worth and practice loving yourself in order to build your self-esteem

19:12 – 19:45 Don’t let other people’s judgments dictate your life + valuing feedback (whether it’s negative or positive) is VERY different than valuing judgment + don’t allow other people’s opinions of you to value more than your own opinion of yourself + be you, be happy

19:45 – I’ll go into the nuances of finding your inner voice, synthesizing it properly, and judging the deliverer of opinions (aka contextualizing advice) in a future youtube video.

20:18 – The odds of you being a human are 400 trillion to 1 (google it) = you’re 13 times more likely to win the lottery than you are to be a human.

20:37 – live and love yourself like the precious 1 in 400 trillion you are.

21:56 you already won the lottery of life – you were born a human.

22:41 science and math tell you that you are precious, it’s time you start loving yourself like you are

23:09 you will do nothing more special than being born

23:23 – given all of these facts about how precious you are, don’t spend your precious dwelling on negativity or hating on yourself or others….(and surround yourself with positive people).

23:39 – recognize you are precious because you are precious, stay humble, YOU define who you are

24:07 when you feel unworthy or like you don’t matter, remind yourself of these facts + do self-care

24:25 breathwork exercises (breathing with your belly more vs. only your chest), helps nervous system (anxiety, etc), helps you relax more

24:57 – You matter. Every human life matters.

25:31 bikini 2 review
“yatch queen bikini set”, XL, blue

30:54 bikini #3 modeling (black)

31:50 – Confidence tip #3 consume content that is body positive/positive:

My 2019 Body Positivity Manifesto ( it’s FREE!): https://medium.com/@annastayziaa/body-positivity-manifesto-76b18c92de43

My 2018 “How To Be Confident” Blog post Collaboration with NEDA (National Eating Disorder’s Association):

34:51 How to spot red flags in healthy/unhealthy influencers

36:20 Confidence is a journey/process, I’m still working on things too 🙂 but I’ve come a long way

30:30 Bikini review 3
“hollywood hills bikini”, XL, black/lime green

45:57 last thoughts

48:23 outro


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