STYLE:Long layered necklace with vibrant array of royal blue, turquoise, and gold pendants.Short thin gold chain holds turquoise teardrop-shaped stone just below your collarbone.Second gold chain holds multi-faceted royal blue oblong pendant below the first.Bright blue strand of beads holds cheerful gold cut-out flower with emerald green stone center.Longest chain is laced with blue rosary-inspired beads and trimmed with a gold metal tassel.The bright bohemian quadruple-strand necklace is the only accessory you need for music festivals and beyond.CARE:Keep water, oils, creams, sprays, and makeup from coming in contact with your necklace.Gently wipe gold surface with a soft cloth after wearing.Store gold and silver jewelry separately to avoid chemical reactions that can tarnish the metals.


Price: $49.00

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