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 STYLE:Bohemian layered bracelet inspired by handmade jewelry purchased on vacation in Brazil.Ivory cord, braided aqua and white cotton threads, faux navy blue leather, and twisted blue strands make up the soft layered bracelet.Thick braided loop hooks onto durable silver claw that keeps the bracelet secure.Neutral shades of blue and large circumference make the unisex bracelet perfect for both men and women.Measures 20 cm in circumference and is suitable for large wrists. CARE:Keep water, oils, creams, sprays, and makeup from coming in contact with your bracelet.Gently wipe silver surface with a soft cloth after wearing. Store gold and silver jewelry separately to avoid chemical reactions that can tarnish the metals.

Item #: 1293747552325
Price: $19.00

Order Here: Tom Bracelet (Men’s) – Grey



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