Strata Bolo Necklace – Blue Lapis


 STYLE:Adjustable gold-filled chain necklace with large triangle pendant and bar and chain drop detail.Sparkling blue lapis crystals fill the center of the hand-carved triangle that sits at the center of the necklace.3 inch chains with thin gold bars hang from each side of the triangle.Durable gold-filled chain is thin and dainty, allowing the bright pendant to have center stage.The adjustable handcrafted necklace measures 18 inches in length and can be extended 2 inches.High quality gold-filled chain will not tarnish over time like traditional gold-plated jewelry.Designed, carved, and cast in Portland, Oregon, USA using locally sourced materials. CARE:Use a soft jewelry cloth to gently polish the gold surface of your necklace.Store gold and silver jewelry separately in dry areas to prevent rubbing and chemical reactions that may tarnish the metals.


Price: $69.99

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