Creme No. 1

THE CREAM: Shamanuti’s best-selling moisturizing creme that balances, relaxes, and repairs skin.A high percentage of silk peptides creates stronger, firmer, and clearer skin.The proprietary seaweed complex is a healing agent for scars, fine line

Smudge Conditioning Stick

THE STICK:All-purpose, 100% organic moisturizing facial conditioner.Blend of olive, coconut, jojoba, rosehip, vitamin E, and neem oils provide deep hydration.Beeswax prevents the stick from leaving an oily or waxy residue.Great for lips, under-eyes, eyebr

Creamy Oat Cleanser

THE CLEANSER:All-natural non-irritating soothing facial cleanser.Wild oat herb calms irritation and acts as a mild cleanser.Green and white tea extracts are packed with antioxidants to protect and heal skin.The base of organic aloe and olive oil moisturiz