DETAILS:Gilded silver and black 7.75 oz. reed diffuser in citrus and violet haze scent.Notes of orange, eucalyptus, violet, clove, and musk combine to produce an earthy, woody fragrance.The ribbed chrome jar with its striking metallic finish and contrast solid black reeds are a hassle-free home décor showstopper, making it the perfect touch of modern elegance your space is looking for.The reed diffuser measures 2.875 inches tall, 3.625 inches deep, and contains 7.75 fl. oz. of fragrance oil.  HOW TO USE IT:Do not place your diffuser on sensitive or uneven surfaces.To refresh the fragrance, simply flip the reeds.To ensure no oil drips onto your surface, flip the reeds over a paper towel and wipe the bottle dry.


Price: $24.99

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