Say ‘Shazam’ for a Superhero Body!

Shazam hit theaters on April 4th, 2019 and I for no one was very excited for this movie! But aside from the amazing feats of wonder in store from this long-awaited superhero movie, there is another story. Although we may “marvel” as 14-year-old Billy Batson turns into the legendary Shazam, what’s more amazing is that actor Zachary Levi who plays the character went to extraordinary lengths to get himself in perfect shape for the role.

For one, there’s no doubt that Levi went on an impressive diet consisting mostly of high protein and fiber. Following a regimen that some like Christopher Reeve, David Prowse and Henry Cavill have gone through, Zachary took himself to great lengths, respectfully boasting an impressive biceps on the actor’s Twitter teasing the words: “sooo much padding.”

Dude, that’s some guns there, as my friend Ron Harris would say. With a physique that some were questioning may have padded, Levi hasn’t been shy of his progress – showing himself working out regularly in the gym and documenting his nutrition and body transformation journey.

Recently releasing his new line of supplements, which the actor has developed himself, Zachary Levi is promoting health for himself and others. The supplement line is Levi’s own creation along with his business partners to help others achieve a healthier lifestyle.

On his Instagram, the actor recently said, “Before the role I wasn’t into health or fitness that much. Shazam has really made strides for me.”

Levi, 38, followed a similar fitness regimen that actors like Jason Momoa (Aquaman) and Henry Cavill (Superman) went through to get into shape for their roles. Nowadays being more authentic on screen is more important than ever as we see with several superhero actors, and in order to be believed as the part, it is important to more than ever to get in shape for the part. Levi proved he wanted to be 110 percent into the role, and for that I respect him. It takes a lot of dedication to work out the way he did and stay on par with a healthy diet. More so, he even died his own hair to get the black hair that Shazam has.

Documenting his journey on his Instagram and Twitter, Levi talked about his diet and how much he would train on nearly a daily basis. Even when some joked that a publicity photo for Shazam made him look “padded,” Levi responded to reporters with, “Hmm, does that look like padding to you?”

One thing is for certain the former Chuck star has got the physique that could put him in line for a bodybuilding competition and is not taking any chances when it comes to playing the legendary hero Shazam. Although I missed the premiere of this film in April due to a back injury (and I had my ticket), I see that it has been released through digital, On Demand and home video. So, I was finally able to see the film for myself and judge on whether or not it deserved it’s hit status. It did!

Shazam is a movie the whole family can enjoy, and during its holiday settings it could possibly become a Christmas favorite the way that Die Hard became an accidental holiday classic. As a child, I watched Shazam on CBS and remember watching Billy Batson transform into Captain Marvel by uttering the sacred words: “Shazam!”

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